For over 19 years SPOOKYHOUSE HAUNTED THEME PARK had dominated the independent haunted attractions in the Southern California area. With much regret, the operation came to a close with the sudden and unfortunate passing of its owner and original proprietor, Bob Koritzke. What started as a home haunt in Bob's parents house in the South Valley, soon developed into a theme park that some say rivaled the major players such as Knotts, Universal Studios and Magic Mountain. After renting space for a few years at the Valley Indoor Swap Meet, Spookyhouse's popularity reached its zenith with the unveiling of The Spookyhouse Haunted Theme Park in Woodland Hills. Boasting up to an unheard of 100,000 square feet of haunts, with attractions such as the "Dead and Breakfast Hotel", "Blood, Bath and Beyond", and "Realm of Lost Souls". Spookyhouse remained at this site from 1999 thru 2004. In 2005 the operation moved to Northridge with its UnCinema complex complete with revamped attractions like "Turbidite Manor", "Bloodshed Medical Center", "Phobia", and "Death By MegaPlex". Northridge ran for 2 years until Spookyhouse took refuge in it's final resting place in 2007 and 2008 in Chatsworth and its "Darkwater Asylum". Spookyhouse's overwhelming acceptance and admiration enabled many spin off haunts such as Fearplex, Seaside Haunt, Skull Kingdom, and Old Town Haunt.  
We will always miss Bob but we will never forget those wonderful years, all the hard work and dedication, aas well as the exceptional performances of cast and crew, all culminating into the end product that was the legend of Spookhouse... Forever...
Bob Koritzke, Spookyhouse Owner
Rest in Peace