Pumpkin pie anyone?
Orwald pays a visit to Gargo's office1
I think dinner is cold by now...
We bet no one is entering this house!
Probably thinking about cigars and cognac!
Which one is real!
My gosh I forgot to bury the corpse!
It dies when I say it dies!

Toluca Hallows!
The boys are back in town!
Clown gatekeeper!
Always in charge!
Clownkeepers for sure!
Writing a prescription?!
Someone thinks they're so stylin'!
You have to choose one Creepy... or two!
Serving the little people!
No Sneaky, not THAT type of establishment!
Awake AND smelling the roses!
House of Gargo!
Looking for a few more surgeries to perform!
What the hell! Nobody said anything about friggin' cleaning  up...

Uh Oh, they're back!
Some clown hang time!
Toluca Hallows Pumpkin House!
Those clowns boys guarding the gates again!
Masterful Work!
Yeah-Yeah, we know, you're a stud!
Pump and his kin!
Acid Sneaky!
Smiling at our work!
Creepy, Sneaky, and Gargo hamming it up!
Latest trend setters meet your masters!
Snapshots now, nightmares later!
Toluca Glow...
Ghost rider
Day (Night) of the Dead
Sneaky's work is done... BREAKTIME!

"Constricted" music courtesy of www.purple-planet.com